Collective Behavior- Gangs

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I believe that their are numerous reasons as to why people join gangs and I feel like each person has their own inner, as well as outer motives for this. Some of these motives could be that you are surrounded by the wrong group of friends that put this negative influence on you to join. This is especially true for young kids and teens that face that constant pressure of having to fit in. It can also go the other way though, where you feel like it is a sense of “family” to be in such a group and you want that feeling of being wanted and a part of something. Another reason people are in gangs could have to do with their family life and background. For example, if you grow up with all of your older siblings in gangs and your parents not around then you will most likely get pulled into this scene and kind of life as well. One thing that I learnt and found out while doing research is that Aboriginal kids and teens have a higher chance of being involved and recruited into gang related activities opposed to non-Aboriginal teens and kids. This website showed me this. I believe that one of the biggest reasons for people joining gangs is for the excitement it brings and they believe that they look cool. All of over T.V rappers, singers and celebrities are starting to glorify and create this fascination that being bad is cool and committing crimes is no big deal. People therefor join these gangs in hopes of getting this satisfaction that social media has placed on it and they believe then that they are “cool” and gain this rep of having power.

Gangs are very much so prevalent in any place you go to around the world today. They are not just in the big cities, society has changed and gangs are found everywhere. They are starting to travel outside of the city limits and  taking there crimes to small towns now and even farms. A real life example of this would be with my neighbor. Last year at there farm they had their truck broken into and stolen by a gang member. They later caught him hours away in another town and linked him back to a gang in Regina where he was being recruited. Canada has around 434 youth gangs with 7,000 members throughout the country. I retrieved this fact from the same website as before. A mind blowing fact that I came across is that our own province, Saskatchewan, is second in the country for having the highest number of youth gangs and members, right behind Ontario. In the city of Regina, there are 5 major gangs operating within the city. The biggest one has 200 members in it. Saskatchewan especially is known to be a scary and unsafe place. In 2009 the top three unsafest places in the country was Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg. I got these facts from this website. So therefor, I would most definitely say that gangs are very much so here and very much so prevalent in not only Canada, but Saskatchewan especially. Much of the reasons for Saskatchewan being so dangerous and gang related is due to poor education, poor cities, huge drug trade, and high levels of un-employment. This website helped me find this.

Picture credit due to
Picture credit due to

Gang members most definitely share a common behavior amongst them and must go through a certain protocol to not only be accepted in, but to stay in and follow these certain “rules” at all times. Their are many reasons you can tell if someone is in a gang. Some things that stand out to be able to tell is colors, more especially, bandannas. A lot of gang members sport certain colors of bandannas to show that they are a part of certain gangs. Another way to tell and see is by hand signals. Common behaviors between members however are mostly negative and contain traits such as lack of confidence, controlling, aggressive and lonely even. When it comes to rules their are most definitely certain protocols you need to follow- especially to be accepted in. You have to complete an initiation process. An example of this that I have heard about is the new coming gang member getting dropped off randomly outside of Regina and they must find their way back- usually by stealing and hijacking peoples vehicles. If they make it back by a certain time and commit a certain number of crimes, they are then accepted in. While doing research online I found out that gangs are actually really strict and if you do not follow the certain rules that the gang has put out, you are kicked out and punished. This site gave a real life experiences on some of the horrible things teenagers had t go through to be accepted into a gang. Some of the things it talked about were horrible, like women had to be raped 6 times to be let in and boys must be beaten up to near death. All of this goes to show what type of behaviors one has in these gangs. They are ruthless and not afraid to kill. You must have the same beliefs as what the gang believes in, lose your sense of identity and become just another ruthless member, willing to do whatever it takes and prove that you are crazy and not a flake.



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