Self Concept

1.) What social groups do you belong to? What are the norms of behavior that the group demonstrates (e.g., athletics, skateboarders, volunteers, musicians)

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I would say that I belong  to the academic group. If you are academic you are most likely organized, neat, goal orientated and determined. Some common stereotypes placed on academic people is that they do not have a social life, that everything is dedicated to school and the work put into school and only that. There are multiple stereotypes for each and every group someone belongs to. Another kind of stereotype or type of norm is that if you are highly academic that you then are not athletic at all or incapable of being good at sports. This is not true however because I would also classify myself to be a part of the athletic group. I used to dance all up until this year, and play both basketball and baseball. Athletic people are usually competitive, goal orientated, determined and committed just like an academic person is. You focus on what you want to get done. I would as well say that I belong to the social group. Friends are very important to me and I enjoy getting to be around them. I do not however, display a lot of the typical norms and behaviors of someone in a social group. I am not a social butterfly and outgoing like it is typically perceived.

2.) How would you describe the qualities of your gender, in other words, what qualities of “maleness” or “femaleness” do you demonstrate?

I am female and I carry out a lot of both qualities of each gender I believe. As a female I am interested and care about my appearance as opposed to a male where they

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Picture credit due to

typically do not care as much. I like to make sure my outfit looks good and that my hair is not bad. However though, I find myself to also have similar male characteristics when it comes to this because I do not wear makeup ever and I am not the type of girl to spend hours talking about makeup and going to Sephora, I could not be bothered with that stuff. Another female quality I carry with me is that I have that motherly nature in me. When I see a baby animal or hurt animal I automatically want it and want to help it get better. When I see those commercials on T.V with the abused and dying animals my heart sinks every time and it makes me sad. This is a female quality. I am also very motherly and like to boss people around I care a little to much. An example of this would be with my boyfriend. I always nag at him to wear his seat belt and not speed while he is the exact opposite with me and does not care about stuff like that.

Watch this video on the differences of how a girl gets ready in the morning vs. a guy as it relates to this question.

3.) What have you discovered about yourself from your own behavior?

Things that I have discovered about myself from my own behavior is that I like to keep very kept to myself. I am not a fan of big crowds and I am not a social butterfly. I like to stay with my close knit group of friends. I know this because when I go out to parties for example, that people like Crystal are always out and about with all these new people and making friends where I know that I like to stay around my group of 3-4 close friends. I like to keep a lot of what goes on in my life private for the most part. I do not post a lot on social media or things like that often. I have also noticed from my own behavior that I am a stubborn and bossy person. I like to do things my way. When we are doing group projects I tend to like to take the lead, just because I like to make sure that things get done my way. I know that I am stubborn because when I am wrong I do not like to admit it at all. Whether it is to my friends, family or anyone. Another thing I have discovered is that from my behavior is that I have quite a bit of self esteem. I do not care what others think of me. I do not do things such as wear makeup or try to impress anyone but myself. All I care about is if I am happy with who I am. I am also very goal orientated. I set goals for what I want to accomplish and do not stop until I get it done. I have noticed this a lot in my Grade 11 year. My grades are very important to me and have grown a lot to continue to be a priority to me. I am constantly trying to be my best and do the best to my abilities.

4.) Who do you compare yourself to? Is your comparison based on self-assessment, self-improvement or self-enhancement?

I compare myself to my friends all of the time. They are what pushes me to try to be the best that I can be and continue to set goals for myself all of the time. This comparison is based on self-improvement. All of my friends are very academic and the continuously push me to be the same. I want to have the good marks and obtain the grades they do, and they push me in a positive way to make sure this happens. I thank them for this. They also push me to be the best person I can be which is also very good. The group of people I hang around with are all very into doing the right thing and other activities such as volunteering, so I then compare myself to them to try and be the same and as good as they are. They are what gets me to all of these good events and functions. I also compare myself to the social media around me. I look at the girls on the internet with the pretty hair, fancy clothes and huge houses and I can’t help but compare myself to them. This is based on self- assessment. I am looking at all of these other people and wishing to be like them. I want no acne on my face like they do and the fancy clothes like they have, with all of the latest technology and I try to be like that in a sense. It is nothing extreme but it is something that I notice.



After reading the song lyrics to “Feel like a number” it was very eye opening. People are depersonalized all of the time everyday of there lives and I just found that kind of crazy just because I have never been exposed to that. I grew up in a small town all of my life where everyone knows everyone. I go to a small town school where it is the exact same. I could never imagine going to school and not having the teacher know my name or know all of the kids in my class. Therefor, because of the situation I am in and where I live I have never been exposed to such things. I know that this will change however as I get older and I am exposed to much more things in life. Take University for example. I know that in a year, once I graduate and head off to University that I will experience this. I will become just another number to my professor and just another face in the crowd to my classmates. I know that if I were to have grown up in the city instead of small town Sedley I would be depersonalized every day. Those schools are so big that there is no way your teacher can build a connection with you in any way, you would be just another student to them. The same goes if I were born and raised in a big city. I would be just another statistic or address to them. It is all very eye opening and very sad, coming from a small town kids perspective and view.

I can relate this all to what we are learning in History. We are learning about the concentration camps that took place throughout WWII and it is exactly like depersonalizing someone. Everyone was just a number there and not a face or a name. It is also like how the Jews had to wear the Star of David. They were no longer given the right to be human, but instead just another thing in Hitler’s system. You were stripped of your rights to be a human and instead treated like a number.

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