Unit 3: A Letter To Myself

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Dear life,

You are an ocean to me. You are full of wonder and possibilities, while accepting the high and low tides that life pulls in. No matter what, you have always stayed open to new possibilities and have always tried to be the best and welcome in whatever came. You welcome in wonder and by doing this, making you not to serious all of the time and able to have fun. You accept that you will not always be full of low and easy tides and by doing so it as made you stay afloat and still be able to shine when the high ones hit with the harsh realities you bring along.  By being able to keep a sense of wonder, it has made you be able to always keep a bit of innocence and not always take things so seriously all of time. You know that when the hard times hit that you will always find a way to get past it, and not always drown in the waves. Just like an ocean, you are full of depth and parts of you that have yet to be discovered. You are continuously growing and finding new things out about yourself all of the time. Everyday you find new depths of knowledge, feelings and understandings as they continue to grow and get deeper. You can thank school, your family life and friends for all of this. Just like an ocean it takes people a long time to figure out all parts to you- for you do not like to show off everything about you. You like to stay hidden about a lot of things. If someone does not ask or try to find out those parts about you, they will never get to know or see them. Just like an ocean, you can go through all of the rough and rigid times and still come out shining and beautiful. You take everything that has happened to you and has been thrown at you and still obtain a happiness to you. You keep that in mind and try to remember that with everything you go through, and by doing that, it does not make the hard times seem so endless. You know that someday soon the sun will shine again. No matter what happens, and how many bad experiences are brought upon you, people still come back to you, and show their love and support to you. This is just like an ocean. You can cause so many storms and people will still come running back to you. That is our life. When we do something bad we do not end up pushing others away but instead bring them closer and get that confirmation that we have support and love. No matter what, we will always have the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly stories to show and share with those around us. Some are just harder to find then others.

We will always grow, and never stop growing. No one will ever see every single side, aspect and depth to us, and that is okay. Some things are just meant to stay with us, unknown to the world around us. You are an ocean to me.


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