My Personality Test

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After completing the online quiz that was given to us I received the results- INFJ The Guides

I- Introverted 33% Thought orientated, reserved, reflective and observant.

N- Intuitive 9% Imaginative, future orientated, conceptual, abstract.

F- Feeling 38% Empathetic, accepting, warm, values harmony.

J- Judging 28% organized, systematic, achievement oriented, planner.

I very much so agree with all of the results that I was given and find that it relates 100% to me. I am more on the shy side and do not do very well in big crowds or a large amount of people and much rather prefer being around my small group of friends that I know and am comfortable around. I think things through very carefully before doing something because my future is very important to me and I need to make sure that I am building myself up to have the biggest and best opportunities in life and be successful. I very much so reflect on what I can do to get me to where I need to go and what is best for me. So in this sense, that is why I am far more introverted opposed to extroverted.

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I would agree with only being 9% intuitive for I believe that it is not a strong feature that I hold.  I am very future orientated as I had previously explained in my first paragraph and would say that if there was one thing that I cared about the most, it would be my future. I am constantly making sure I try my hardest for the grades I get to get into a good secondary school and be successful in life. As for being imaginative and abstract I do not really agree. I suck at art, music, shop and everything like that that revolves around art and being imaginative. I would much rather have a plan put in front of me and I follow that. I am not really on the creative side but I like to think I make up for it with my academic side. At the same time though, I like to think I am intuitive and that I have the ability to understand things without having the direct evidence to prove so. Having a close knit and small group of friends has helped me develop this skill.

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I do agree with the feeling trait that I received but do not think it should be as high as 38%. One thing that I have noticed about myself over the years is that I am not good AT ALL at giving advice and usually do not know what to say. That does not mean however that I do not enjoy being a good listener and trying my best to be there for my friends and help them in the situations they are in. By saying that though, that does not mean I am not empathetic. I am quite empathetic, especially when it comes to animals, they are my weak spot.

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The last trait that I received was judging for 28%. Along with the introverted trait I find this one to be the biggest one that relates to my personality. I am very organized and cannot handle a working area that is messy or unorganized, it will throw me off. I write everything that is due or happening in a day planner to help me feel that bigger sense of being organized. I am also very achievement orientated as I had talked about that in the first paragraph. My future is really big to me and I am always trying to constantly set myself up to be successful in the things I do in life and feel accomplished. I am always striving to be my best- especially in school. I am also very much so a planner- my day planner is pretty self explanatory for that one.


I found this site to be very interesting, because it showed me what type of careers INFJ people usually do and I found out that a lot feel satisfaction in the health care- and that is what I want to go into after high school. I wish to be a dental hygienist, so I found this very cool. As I kept reading through this site I found a lot that related to me, saying that INFJ people are sensitive, which is very much so me. I cannot handle criticism as well as I should.

Overall, I believe that the results I were given could not have been any closer to my actual personality.

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I really enjoyed this assignment and loved how open ended it was. It gave us students the freedom to show our creative side in how we chose to present ourselves and made it that more interesting for when it came time to presenting and watching these things. This assignment really got me thinking on all aspects of my life and really made me dig deeper than I have before to figure things out such as my biggest successes and memories in life. It was also very fun to look back on at my childhood and all of the pictures and memories that came with it. I would like to do something like this again.

Me as a child!
Me as a child!



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