Self Concept

1.) What social groups do you belong to? What are the norms of behavior that the group demonstrates (e.g., athletics, skateboarders, volunteers, musicians) I would say that I belong  to the academic group. If you are academic you are most likely organized, neat, goal orientated and determined. Some common stereotypes placed on academic people is that they do not have a social life, that everything is dedicated to school … Continue reading Self Concept

My Personality Test

 Picture credit due to  After completing the online quiz that was given to us I received the results- INFJ The Guides I- Introverted 33% Thought orientated, reserved, reflective and observant. N- Intuitive 9% Imaginative, future orientated, conceptual, abstract. F- Feeling 38% Empathetic, accepting, warm, values harmony. J- Judging 28% organized, systematic, achievement oriented, planner. I very much so agree with all of the results that I … Continue reading My Personality Test