Learning Styles- What Are You?


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After reading the article posted about the different and various learning styles I found out that there are four different learning styles that one student uses in order to obtain the most information possible. The acronym for this is called- VARK.

1.) Visual

2.) Auditory

3.) Read and write

4.) Kinesthetic

After doing some research though, I found out that there are actually more than four learning styles one uses, but in fact eight. Different learning styles are categorized so that a person can figure out which one relates to them specifically, so that they can then obtain and absorb the most information possible and figure out what will get them to the highest level of success. It also makes someone unique and help identify who a person is, and how they work and what kind of work habit they will create. Figuring out what learning style you fit into will help one figure out who they are as a person and specifically how their brain works.

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The different learning styles are as followed:

Musical– If you are music smart you then use things such as sound, rhyme and music to help you learn and understand something. For example, you might create a song to help you remember a certain thing you are studying or think of words that rhyme with the key terms you need to know. I used this website to learn more information. I find that I am no where close to being music smart or using these techniques to further my understanding of what I am learning. I find this because I am not a musical person- I do not play any instruments or have any rhythm in me, so I would find it hard to learn this way.

Visual– If you are visually smart then you tend to learn through pictures, images, concept maps and data charts. You can not just learn from the words presented in front of you, you need to draw visuals and pull out what you are learning and somehow visually represent that. an example of this would be like my history class. I find that just learning what is on the board and taking notes of what we see, does not help me fully understand what I need to be learning, but when we watch a video or documentary of what we have learnt, I find that I can understand it better. I can visually see what I am trying to learn and therefor get a better grasp on what is going on. hearing and seeing it really helps me and I would highly consider myself a visual smart person, and it is a learning style I use daily.  Another example if this would be flashcards- which I find to be extremely helpful. I used this website to help me.

Auditory– Auditory learning is when a person learns through listening. They use speaking and hearing as their main component for learning. I am most definitely not an auditory learner, because if you are, you like to participate in class discussions and I am the exact opposite. I can not focus when I just hear things, I need more than that. They like to hear things and understand things best from doing so. I used this website for more information.

Read and write– If you are a reading and writing type of learner than you tend to learn best from lists, notes and text in all types of format. You pay close attention to glossaries, titles, headings, definitions and notes. I believe that every student is a reading and writing learner in there own way and you need this type of learning in order to achieve the highest academic career and knowledge. As much as I do not like this style of learning the best, I do use it often, as does every other student and find it to be vital and important in obtaining the highest level of knowledge. This style of learning is a necessity.

Kinesthetic– Kinesthetic learning is when a person learns through their senses, filed trips, applications and hand on approaches. You learn the best through hands on experiences opposed to just sitting and taking notes. An example of this style of learning would be like shop class. Instead of just learning how to use a certain machine, Mr. Buchan lets us learn through actually using it, and for some people this is how they learn best. This website talks more about this style of learning. I find myself to also be a kinesthetic type of learner, and that when I learn through a hands on approach I can get more information because i am applying myself to what I am learning.

Nature– This learning style is when you prefer to use things that are close to nature in order to collect data and information. You also use nature to analyze the information collected. You use things such as binoculars, microscopes, telescopes and magnifiers in order for you to help understand what is being learnt. These type of learners are kind of like kinesthetic learners, where they need to touch and feel things, specifically outside to understand things the best. I do not find myself to be this type of learner, for it does not improve my knowledge on something, but it is something nice to get a different approach on.

People smart– If you are people smart then that means that you work best with other people and enjoy things such as group work and group discussions. You learn best when you are surrounded by other people and feeding off of what others are generating. In moderation I find myself to be people smart and enjoy working with others. It lets me understand new perspectives on a subject and generate ideas farther.

Self smart– If you are self smart then it means that you tend to learn and understand best when by yourself. You do not like to work with others as you find that you work best when you are by yourself and you can generate your own thoughts and ideas on your own. You do not have the distractions of others affecting the amount of knowledge you take in. Just like people smart, I also find myself to be self smart and like to believe that I have a happy medium between the two. There is not one that I favor over the other.

In conclusion, my preferred learning style I would like to think is either visual, reading and writing or kinesthetic. These three types of styles are the ones that I find help me reach the highest level of knowledge and helps me so that I know I fully understand the thing that I am learning. I enjoy learning the best when I am hands on and making a visual image of what is going on, and when you enjoy what you are doing you therefor apply yourself more into what is being learnt. I do not use learning styles such as auditory or musical as they do not help me obtain the highest level of knowledge I know I can reach. Listening to people just talk does not keep me paying attention to what is going on, so therefor I will not be absorbing all of the information that is being said.

Watch this video on some of the different learning styles and examples of them!

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Check out this cool quiz you can take that tells you what type of learner you are and what percentage you get for each type!





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