Stereotypes- April 14 2016

1.) Fundamental attribution error: The fundamental attribution error is when you judge people due to an internal factor and not taking into consideration the external factors. This website gave really good examples relating to the fundamental attribution error and helped me to understand it all better.  For example, your best friend might not talk to you as soon as they see you at school and you will go and think that they are a horrible friend and that they don’t like you anymore and you should drop them as a friend. You are not taking into consideration though that they might just be busy or going through a rough time in there life, or stressed over school. So, in conclusion, the fundamental error is about making quick and hasty judgments and not taking into consideration the factors that might make someone the way they are.

2.) Prejudice: Prejudice is an unfair and poorly made opinion ( usually negative) made without knowledge, specifically against a certain group (ie) sex, race and color. An example of prejudice would be in the book I had read in my ELA A20 class last semester, To Kill A Mockingbird. In the book, a black man named Tom Robinson instantly got accused and immediately put guilty for raping a younger white women, without having any proof or evidence to back this up. He was accused of this because of his color and the people in his town had made an unfair and poor opinion and decision on him, also called prejudice. No reasonable knowledge was behind this.

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Check out this video on prejudice!

3.) Stereotypes: A stereotype is a tendency to infer that everyone belonging in the same groups all have the exact same characteristics and abilities. It is a generalized belief about a particular group. Check out this website to read a bit more about stereotypes. An example of stereotypes would be that all blondes are dumb. Somehow it has come along that whenever a person sees a blonde everyone assumes and automatically thinks that they are not smart and stupid, and that having a lighter hair color lowers your mental capacity. This is an opinion and infer formed and made on all girls/guys who are blonde and that everyone is the same.

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4.) Discrimination: Discrimination is a treatment towards someone either in there favor or against it for having certain traits, such as there class, group or sex. It is acting a certain way towards someone based on your prejudice and stereotypes mixed together. Check out his amazing experiment video on discrimination, it really is super interesting. An example of discrimination would be like what the video showed us. When a black man goes up to a jewelry store he receives no help until someone has to speak up to ask for it, but when a white man goes up the store he is immediately receiving help and given lots of information. So in conclusion, the black man is getting discriminated and treated poorly because of the color of his skin and being taken away his rights.

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Teenager Men Women Teachers Tradesmen Hunter Rich people Doctors
Sex Strong Smart Leader Workforce Killer Snob University
Relationship Old Independent Intelligent Dirty work Death Snob Caring
Dumb Tall Independent Helpful The best Shoot Smart Insane
Independent Powerful Independent Powerful Talented Bushman Wealthy Wealthy
Immature Sloppy Period Strict My dad My dad Gold Needles
Lazy Over the top Talented Supportive Second best Deer Houses Medicine
Young Hard worker Pretty Smart Hard working Tterb Stuck up Messy writing
Me Hard core Boobs/Butt The devil You could do better Sneaky Greedy Smart
Hard core Gross Independent Fun Men Camo Snob Healers

After doing this assignment I noticed that there are very much so stereotypes all around us and in the world around us. Doing this assignment showed me that because of the group you are in, that you then automatically have all of these labels thrown and put onto you and that you get judged in ways that are not true to you in some cases. Take wealthy people for example- just because you are known to have money you are automatically perceived as a snob and stuck up.

The stereotypes that make up the world around us are very much so there and need to be put down, for they create false realities of the group you are in and belonged to.


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