Endocrine System


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The Endocrine System is a groupings of glands found throughout our body that is in charge of releasing hormones, regulating and providing function to us human beings. It helps us do many things such as grow and develop as we get older. There are 10 main glands that make up the Endocrine System.

1.) Pineal Gland- Our pineal gland is found approximately in the middle of the brain. It is in charge of releasing and secreting maletonin. Meletonin can only be secreted at night, while our eyes are closed, therefor giving us our sense of time and season.

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2.) Anterior Pituitary Gland- This gland secretes our GH (growth hormone) This is important because it causes cells to grow, which then leads in us growing. For example- if someone is over 6 feet tall it is because their anterior pituitary gland has secreted more growth hormones than others.  Together with the posterior pituitary gland it makes up the whole pituitary gland. The anterior pituitary gland makes up the frontal part of this gland.

3.) Posterior Pituitary Gland- The Posterior pituitary gland secretes ADH (antidiuretic) that controls water balance.

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4.) Thyroid- The thyroid gland releases T3 and T4. They are in charge of regulating our metabolism. It also regulates our growth and development through our metabolism. It is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body and is very important.

5.) Parathyroid- Our parathyroid releases and secretes PTH which is in charge of raising our blood calcium. it is made up of four tiny glands located in the neck. They control how much calcium is in our bones and blood.

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6.) Pancreas- The pancreas secretes insulin, which lowers blood sugars and glucagon, which raises blood sugars in the body. This is linked to diabetes. When we have to high of blood sugars you inject yourself with insulin to help move the glucose in our body and cells to lower it back to normal.

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7.) Adrenal Cortex- This gland secretes glucocorticoids which is an anti-inflammatory. It also helps to control our stress levels.

8.) Adrenal Medula- Our adrenal medula secretes Epinephrine, which creates adrenaline and causes our “Fight or Flight” instinct. Epinephrine is released in fast and intense situations, like getting into a car accident.

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9.) Ovary- The ovary is only in the female body. It secretes estrogen which creates female sex characteristics. Once our bodies start to go through puberty more and more estrogen is released and our bodies start changing.

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10.) Testes- The testes secretes testosterone which creates male sex characteristics. Females do not have this gland. Like the ovaries though, when the body starts to go through puberty, more and more testosterone is released causing a males body to change rapidly and grow.

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