What’s In A Name?

After doing some research on my birth name, I found some information that was both similar and different from my actual character traits. The name Mackenzie gives me desire and the need to help others and I find that to be true, but I’d say only with my friends and family members. I would not say that it goes far enough to feel the desire to help those who are not especially close to me. Another point that was made was that I also desire a family and a sense of “home” and I find that to be the biggest similarity about me. One of my biggest goals/ wishes I’ve had ever since I was a little kid was to grow up and raise a family, and that has always been important to me. Creating  my own sense of “home” and surrounding myself with those who I love. This website also told me that my name means that I tend to avoid arguments and do not face a bad situation because of hurting someones feelings, which is another big similarity. I know that I will purposely avoid or dismiss an issue just because I would rather not rock the boat and end up hurting someones feelings or upsetting them. Even my parents always say that about me, I will shrink at certain events and happenings just so that I do not involve myself in something that will put me into drama. So, although I found many dead on similarities there were also some traits I read about my name that do not fit or apply to me. My name means that I love children and will do anything for them, but that does not apply to me. I find that I do not care about children all that much in this stage of my life and they are not a priority or something that excites me, I do not really babysit or do anything to really interact with them. Another difference in my personality from what my name means is that I could develop both musical and artistic abilities. I am the complete opposite. I cannot sing for the life of me and have never played a musical instrument. I am definitely not talented when it comes to the arts, I also can not draw.


In my family, I am the oldest child with a younger brother who is fourteen. There are many and multiple stereotypes that the oldest child is the one who receives all of the punishment and has more rules and restrictions put on them, and for my family, I completely agree. Being the older child is also linked to being rebellious and controlling, and that relates to me as well. I tend to rebel against my parents rules and restrictions against me, because as the oldest I feel like I can go off and do my own thing. I am also controlling when it comes to my brother. I believe that because I am older than him, that then means that I can tell him what to do and boss him around. Another stereotype that is linked to being the eldest child is responsibility. As holding the title of the oldest child in the family I feel like I need to take on the responsibility so that I can be a role model to my younger brother and act properly so he then does the same thing.

In conclusion, I believe that most of the stereotypes placed on the oldest child is true when it comes to my personality and my family. I am constantly fighting to control my brother and the situations in our family, and I definitely feel the need to take on all responsibility and be a role model for my younger sibling. At the same time though, I feel a sense of rebellion to almost go against my parents and all of the responsibility they have put on me to be a “perfect” child. A stereotype that does not relate to me though I find, is that people are attracted to the oldest child. I find that to be the complete opposite, I find that the youngest child is the one who is getting all of the attention from the people around us and getting spoiled and given extra love. Our elders do not attract to me, but my younger sibling instead.


Picture Credit due to: http://cdn.someecards.com/someecards/usercards/1336435466888_8603398.png

Picture Credit due to: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b7/82/8b/b7828b0221cf67e1f7181f1dfa9b8a47.jpg


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